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2 longchairs  on the edge of the forest

Chic Shack Houses

in the heart of nature

Committed to high-quality materials that blend perfectly with nature

Chic Shack’s unique housing project is committed to providing a perfect symbiosis between state-of-the-art, modern architecture and un unwavering commitment to the surrounding environment.

The high quality constructions, designed with a tasteful selection of materials, blend perfectly with the natural beauty of its surroundings, to preserve the visual and ecological harmony of the project.

Enjoy life outside

Enjoy the territory and its surrounding environment with all its activities. Come back to your own home surrounded by nature.

Space efficient design


Sense of community


Integration with nature

Chic Shack panel on a country road

A little about us

What is your company philosophy?

Build high quality, sustainable homes surrounded by nature with access to a huge outdoor playground.

How did this project start?

Dan and Marie grew up in the Laurentians. They had the opportunity to buy 1200 acres in La Conception — the perfect location only minutes from Tremblant. Dan was a leader in his agricultural field and Marie is practicing real estate now for most of her adult life. Both felt the need for small, luxurious and affordable housing surrounded by nature. Through their passion about the outdoors and design, this project was created.

How long have you been doing this?

With the help of urban planning experts, environmentalists and ecologists, the project came alive in 2014. With the successful launch of Phase 1 in 2015, and installations of more than 40 homes, we have become very experienced with customizing each home to our clients’ needs.

Enriching the lives of our community

With 1200 acres of land, it was very important to us to create a space people would want to spend time in.We connected with Sophie Raymond who started the Terre aux colibris Eco Farm on the Chic Shack site, which means residents can have fresh, organic produce delivered right to their door.There are 2 lakes, The Rouge River with its white sand beach, and we have made trails in the forest with private access.We’re not done yet, either. We have plans to make a yoga platform. We also realize that it can be difficult to host parties in a small home, so we will build an event hall for the residents. Each year brings new ideas of how we can enrich the lives of those living the Chic Shack life.